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A quick way to take advantage of stock market advice and make it effective

Earning on the financial markets by following the stock market advice found on the web becomes increasingly difficult due to the alleged gurus who dispense, in the world of finance, their advice on what securities to buy and which stock market operations to carry out.

We do not enter into the merits of the suggested stock market advice, but rather we learn to exploit the advice found on the financial stock exchange sites and on the various newspapers managed by expert traders.

Advice on the Stock Exchange can be found online, on the various blogs that deal with the topic rather than brokers with the section dedicated to the world of news on the Stock Exchange and on technical analysis in general.

Today we see how to take advantage of stock market advice and how to make them useful for our operations on the stock markets or Forex.

How to take advantage of stock market advice and make them effective
You can read stock market advice generally from 4 main sources:

Financial sites (Trend Online,, Milano Finanza etc. etc.)
Trading blogs that cover the topic (like mine) Italian and foreign brokers who have the news section Subscriptions to periodic newsletters held by independent traders These are roughly the 4 main sources for finding free or paid stock market advice . That they are reliable is another matter, unfortunately in this world there is a considerable confusion.

The fundamental question we need to understand is when these tips are really useful to our operations and our investments.

The recommendations of the analysts regarding the actions to be bought and sold, often are confusing and not very useful. It happens because every analyst has his own idea of ​​analysis, a subjective approach to technical analysis of charts and a very different view of the market.

We often find advice on what stocks to buy when other analysts recommend selling, brokers promoting the purchase of a stock while others recommend selling, or neutrality. It happens more than you know.