NV Attorney General’s Office announces new screening tools for human trafficking

Adam Laxalt is shown in an undated image. (File)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt announced his office created a screening toolkit on how law enforcement can identify survivors of human trafficking.

According to a statement from Laxalt’s office, the screening tool will also help law enforcement better investigate human traffickers. The screening tool contains questions for law enforcement so officers can better determine whether the crime is related to sex or labor trafficking.

"Survivors of human trafficking are often cycled through the criminal justice system many times for crimes directly related to the force and coercion of their traffickers," Laxalt said. "The screening tool will provide law enforcement with uniform guidance to conduct trauma-informed investigations of sex or labor trafficking, resulting in earlier assistance to survivors of this horrific crime."

Law enforcement, before Laxalt’s office released the screening tools, participated in trauma-informed training on human trafficking screenings, the statement said. The screening tools recommend law enforcement develop policies and procedures related to screening, as well as a resource referral network to help potential survivors be connected with appropriate service providers.

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